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There is an article that we wrote with fellows for the International Summit of Cooperatives (Quebec, 2016).

The article was not approved by scientific committee, so we decided to not participate in 2016.

It was called by us "How to become an agent of sustainable development".

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Social problems are growing in complexity faster than human capacity to solve them. This is a systemic governance crisis, overarching all domains at the regional and global levels. The root of cause-effect interrelations leading to the governance crisis is lack of agency of sustainable development (“SD”). The intrinsic relations between agency, social institutions of education and science, and culture, are such that agency is at the root of all societal change. The key characteristic of agency is ‘conceptual power’ – capability to create and implement a viable conception of social development. Effectiveness of SD agents depends on their alignment with six categories of universal laws and principles that condition sustainable life of humanity, which in the context of globalization is achievable by means of collective agency. Mechanisms by which cooperatives can realize themselves as effective SD agents are described, and the basic principles of an SD strategy are proposed.

More on concept of Agency in wikipedia:

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