Useful Sociology

for Builders of the Future

About Conception of Public Safety in brief

It can hardly be a secret that the modern civilization has accumulated a vast amount of problems, related not only to the ecological and biosphere crises, but in the social life one can see no kind of well-being. The matter is not only in somebody’s personal activity in depressing the biosphere and society – it is in passivity and inactivity of others! Moreover, aims announced by a government often differ greatly from those that the government really has. However, the execution of such control (management) can only take place in a society of people completely ignorant in politics and control (management). Phrases such as “What can I do by myself?” and “Let the government make everyone’s life better”, told by the millions, do not help in resolving problems. They just show one’s agreement with the existing situation – that they agree to be controlled; that they agree to some “elite” living better than others without any reasons for this; that they agree to not understand how society lives – as if their own life were independent from the life of all of humankind (obviously, that is not so).

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